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My goal is to help you reach a better place as quickly as possible.

Counselling with Kevin

Thank you for visiting my website. If you are considering counselling you have made a positive step to get this far.

When things are not right in our lives, it is normal to feel bad. We may not know what is wrong, or how to change what may be wrong. Most of us were never encouraged to talk about our problems. We were told to 'be strong’, 'stop moaning' or 'just get on with it'. As a result, we keep things bottled-up while they cause us pain and suffering.

Talking with a trained counsellor gives you the chance to open-up about what is troubling you in a private, safe, confidential space. Sharing your problems in this way allows you to 'get it out' in a way which can instantly help you feel better, and help you make sense of things. Often my clients face a dilemma, not sure of how they feel or how to deal with situations or problems. I am a professionally trained psychotherapeutic counsellor and as such, I will help you identify and untangle what is going on, so that you can gain a clearer understanding of the issues affecting you and the solutions you need.

I offer counselling both as a one-to-one counsellor, with individual clients and also with a couples and small groups as a relationship counsellor. In both cases, I aim to work in a warm, friendly, gentle way, but also in a focused way, guiding my clients (individually and as couples) on their journey at a pace that feels safe and steady.

I believe we are all doing the best we can at every moment, with the internal resources we possess at that point in time. We have the ability to learn from our mistakes and build our resources to make better choices in the future.

I appreciate that private counselling costs precious money and time - my aim is to provide affordable and effective counselling to get you to the better place you need as quickly as possible. Some clients achieve this in a small number of sessions, while other clients have ongoing life-situations and wish to work for longer periods. I work with a wide range of adult clients from all backgrounds and of all ages to address a very wide range of issues including:

Relationship issues (of any kind)
Abuse (past or present)
Issues around sexuality
Bullying (past or present)
Loss, bereavement and grieving
General unhappiness or unease
Meaning and meaninglessness

Thank you for reading my page - I hope you get in touch so that I can help with the issues affecting you.


Location, cost and availability…
I am based in a warm and comfortable counselling room located conveniently in Newcastle City Centre. I am available evenings from 5pm Monday - Thursday .

One-to-one sessions last for 60-70 minutes for which the charge is £45.
Couples sessions last 70-80 minutes for which the charge is £50.

Relationships are Everything!

Every problem you ever had, will have, or have now, are to do with your relationships with people in your life...

Romantic relationships!
Family relationships!
Work relationships!
Broken relationships!
Lost relationships!

We are relational creatures - we can't exist without relationships in our lives. When they go wrong it can have a profound effect upon us, causing us to go from happiness to despair in seconds.

One of the most powerful and often difficult to understand is your relationship with yourself - the longest, most complex, intimate relationship you've ever had.

Being half of a couple is tricky

Human beings are naturally predisposed to being in a close, loving relationship. However, finding such a relationship and being able to know if it meets enough of our individual needs can be tricky.
I often use the term 'matched vulnerability' when working with couples to help them understand their individual needs and where those needs align or differ in the relationship.

I also help couples understand where they are in their progression through the stages of relationship. Many couples stumble when the initial romance fades, feeling the relationship is not for them or that something has gone wrong, when in fact they may be experiencing a natural shift in depth within the relationship. I also help my clients rediscover their individual selves - the very selves which attracted the other person to begin with.

In relationship counselling I focus my clients to identify what is happening for each person, and what needs to change. I aim to create a fair, equal and balanced environment, helping each person to understand each other, why they are experiencing 'blockers' in their relationship and how to overcome them.

Please see my blog page for more articles.

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