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18th January 2019 
Counselling #01

What is Counselling?
Counselling is about talking and sharing. It is about feeling heard and understood.

Psychotherapeutic counselling and psychotherapy is about helping you to understand yourself; how you relate to yourself internally and how you relate to others in your life.

As a professionally trained counsellor/psychotherapist I offer a combination of these two things. I work in a relaxed, collaborative way and I aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment in which you will feel safe to share and explore the things you are dealing with.

My Aims

My aim is to help you as quickly as possible without rushing too fast. I work with a goal-focussed approach, helping you to identify and focus on what it is you need - and the pathway to get you there.

There are no predefined rules around counselling. A huge amount can be achieved in only 3 sessions. Some clients then decide to take counselling further - to explore over a longer period of time.